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Mini Maker Faire 2012 Photos

We had all kinds of amazing making going on this year. Here is a google+ album to give you a small sample of all that happened: Mini Maker Faire 2012 Album

Maker Faire Rocked!

maker faire letterThe dust has settled on the Urbana-Champaign Mini Maker Faire and it rocked! We had 431 guests of all ages come through our doors on Saturday, April 14 2012. If you attended the faire, would you be willing to spend five minutes filling out a survey that tells us about your experience? The survey is here and your answers will help us plan the next faire.

maker faire turntables

Lots of photos are up on our Facebook page. Go have a look and feel free to tag yourself and your friends. If you haven’t “liked” us on Facebook yet, please do so so we are able to keep you updated about next year’s faire!

vision 3D printer

Thanks so much for coming to our party and making it such a fun time!


 Breaking news: The Crave Truck will be parked outside of the Urbana-Champaign Mini Maker Faire at 10am on Saturday morning. Come join us even if you haven’t had your morning coffee!

30 Feet of Awesome

University of Illinois Laboratory High School in Urbana, IL has an annual tradition that would make any young maker happy–Agora Days–a week of classes taught by students, parents, and community members about topics they are passionate about. This year Urbana-Champaign Mini-Maker Faire co-organizer, Suzanne Linder, co-taught a Knit Bomb class. Beginning and experienced knitters spent four hours together over the course of the week knitting squares, rectangles, and other mysterious shapes that were sewn together into a 30 foot scarf that now decorates the west side of the school.

The giant scarf will make a stop at the Urbana-Champaign Mini Maker Faire on April 14 from 10am-4pm where we will be hosting a Knit-In and Learn to Finger Knit booth. If you are a knitter and would like to volunteer to spend some time knitting at the Knit-In, please contact us at ucmakerfaire [at] gmail [dot] com.

Ramping up…

With the inaugural Urbana-Champaign Mini Maker Fair just under a month away—APRIL 16!!—we have begun a serious ramp-up of activities. We also have made a renewed commitment to keep our friends, fans and followers in the loop, by posting here on our blog and to Facebook and even tweeting.  To begin this renewed public activity, we want to tell you what we’ve been doing the last few weeks.
Location and Space:
The location for the first UC Mini Maker Faire is the Independent Media Center in downtown Urbana, Illinois. This building was originally a post office, and today is a pretty cool community space. It has room for maker booths, demonstrations, and general mingling. The IMC building is also home to Makerspace Urbana — one of the our host organizations (tours of their space will be happening the whole day, and probably some sort of hands-on workshop too). More details about the space and setup will be posted as we get them!
Official Endorsement from Maker Faire Headquarters:
We’d hoped to do a lot more publicity, but our official endorsement and permission from O’Reilly (the publisher of Make and Craft magazines) to use the Mini Maker Faire name took a while longer than we hoped. The wait has paid off — we are an officially sanctioned event!. This is pretty cool as it marks us as recognized participants in a greater community of Maker Faires and Makers!
Maker Recruitment:
We have (and still are) recruited local makers, and we’re looking forward to a fantastic event. There is a lot of work to do yet, but the real challenge is not getting caught up in all the projects people are doing.  All of us committee members are Makers, too, so examining cool projects can distracting. Another exciting consequence of the selection process: it has made us aware of a much bigger local maker community than we previously imagined.
Speaking of the community — if you or your friends are Makers, and want to be involved let us know, it isn’t too late to participate either as a volunteer or potentially even find booths! Email us at
We have some dedicated sponsors and we are actively seeking some more. There are various sponsorship packages available, and if you or your organization would like to sponsor this event, please email us at, and we’ll work with you!
UC Mini Maker Faire
April 16, 2011
10am to 3pm
See you there!