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Meet the Makers: CUDO

CUDO-logoWe are really excited about a new project that CUDO will be promoting at this years Mini Maker Faire.  CUDO Plays, assembles teams of gamers, designers, and makers to design and produce artistic board games that will be played by the public at a final exhibition. So after learning about some of the great maker resources Urbana Champaign has to offer CUDO Plays could be the perfect outlet for focusing your maker creativity.


CUDO is the organizing force behind a lot really cool and creative events in the Champaign Urbana area.  From Pechakucha Nights to ABCU they are on a mission “to cultivate a vibrant design culture that engages and enriches our local community”. And we’re so happy to add them as a new maker to the faire this year.

CUDO  The Champaign-Urbana Design Org - Google Chrome 9132013 40553 PM

Some great projects brought to us by CUDO

Meet the Makers: Illinois Geometry Lab

The Illinois Geometry Lab is back. You may remember them from the first UC Mini Maker faire when they had quite the display mathematical visualizations. This year they will be back with their new 3D printer which they use for the very interesting and creative purpose of bringing curious mathematical shapes to life.


Paper Polyhedra

They will  also raffle off two 3D-printed copies of Altgeld Hall (home of the math department). And will bring their popular construction paper cutouts for assembling polyhedra.

430621_467668126619329_681025481_n (1)

Altgeld Hall

As they would say:

“The Illinois Geometry Lab (IGL) is a facility at the Mathematics Department focusing on mathematical visualization and community engagement.”

Learn more about the Illinois Geometry Lab:

Photo Credit:

This is just a picture I found on their website and thought was cool. Source:


Meet the Makers: FRC Team 4096, “Ctrl-Z”

Ctrl-Z is one of Champaign’s very own high school robotics teams that participates in the FIRST robotics competitions. These kids have accomplished some pretty amazing things in the field of robotics, and if this video in any indication, I think it’s safe to say they are going to be a slam dunk maker this year:

They will have their 125 lb frisbee shooting robot of awesome at the Mini Maker Faire this year.  So stop by and see it for yourself, because it looks beautiful.


Come see the robot!

And if you would like to learn more about the team check them  out here:


Welcome Ctrl-Z
We’re excited to have you!

Meet the Makers: Fab Lab

Fab Lab Desktop smThe Champaign Urbana Community Fab Lab has truly become a staple of the DIY/Maker community in Champaign Urbana. They are always a favorite at the UC Maker Faire and will be returning once again to show off all they have to offer. Be sure to stop, say hi, and get hands on with some of the fun equipment they will be bringing. Perhaps make yourself a custom sticker before you move on.


Vinyl cutter setup at the fablab

As they would say:

“The Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab is a small-scale workshop for computer-based innovation, design and fabrication. The Fab Lab allows you to dream up, design and make almost anything you can imagine using open source software and DIY equipment.”

Minecraft village from their 3D printer

Minecraft village from their 3D printer

 Find our more:

Beautiful results from their laser engraver

Beautiful results from their laser engraver


Inside their awesome space

Call for Makers has been Extended!

We already have a pretty full selection of awesome makers this year but the IMC is a big place and we think we can fit in a few more. So in light of that we’re extending our call for makers till next friday (9/13)!! So sign up here  or find more info on our Call for Makers page.

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