Meet the Makers: Mikie’s Shop

We are always excited to meet new people that have 3D printers around, thus we’re happy to introduce Mikie’s Shop as a new maker to this year’s UC Mini Maker Faire!
OrdBot Hadron 3D printer

OrdBot Hadron 3D printer

Mike will bring a OrdBot Hadron 3D printer that he built. He will also show some 3D printer barrels he makes for QU-BD MBE 3D Printing extruders. Plus an add on extruder for a CNC router he built along with the controller setup he made for it. With all of this he will be showing off lots of the neat details that go into homespun 3D printing.


Fancy controller setup

He will also have a demo showing how to drive a 3 phase motor using standard household 110V(very carefully of course)! And if we’re really lucky he may also have a filastruder 3D filament extruder working by then that he will be able to demonstrate.

Thanks for joining our ranks as a maker this year, Mike! We look forward to having you here!