Meet the Makers: DustDuino

This year we’re very excited to welcome local maker Matthew Schroyer and his project the DustDuino.  He’s creating a new hardware platform to help enable crowdsourcing of environmental reporting. You’ll be getting an inside look at this exciting new device and learning how it can empower you to participate in data collection at home and help us all better understand pollution!


More specifically the DustDuino is a low-cost means to measure particulate matter, or “PM”, in the home and outdoors. PM is a major pollution concern due to its ability to affect the lungs and travel through the circulatory system to other important organs. This Maker Faire display will have functioning DustDuino units for all to examine, so you can find out how it was made, and how to build one so you can use one at home!

You can learn more about this project online at and of course at the UC Mini Maker Faire!

Are you interested in participating in this year’s UC Mini Maker faire? Simply fill out our Call for Makers form!